Until Dawn survival guide - how to make the right choices and save everyone

If you want keep everyone alive in Until Dawn and earn the They All Live trophy you’ll need our Until Dawn walkthrough. Starring Oscar winner Rami Malek ( and a whole bunch of other Hollywood heroes) this spooktacular story puts you in the shoes of a young party of friends attempting to see through the night amidst a world of horrors. If you’re looking for a hair-raising adventure to play on your new PS5, this PS Plus Collection Games game is just the ticket. If you want to keep everyone of these endearing characters alive follow our advice closely - and you may just earn yourself the They All Live trophy. 

Important notes: There are several minor dialogue and exploration choices that do not affect your cast in any major way. The choices discussed in this guide - tied to the game's Butterfly Effect menu, though there are some exceptions - are what determine their fates, and that's what you need to follow. When it comes to quick time events, you need to always press the buttons successfully, unless otherwise noted. You may also find variations of the events written here that will get you through safely, but this guide is a guaranteed formula for surviving the night. Finally, there are no major decisions in the prologue. Phew, now let's get to it!

Until Dawn Chapter 1

Any of Your Business

When you first reach the cable car station, you'll spot a phone sticking out of a backpack. It's ringing, but go ahead and ignore it, zipping up the bag instead. This is really a tutorial on the Butterfly Effect, but not being nosy is just common courtesy.

Rats with Bushy Tails

When you assume control of Chris, you'll be able to blast a couple targets at the shooting range - including an innocent squirrel. Do not shoot the little guy.

The Soul of Discretion, Part 1

When you're first introduced to Ashley, she'll be spying on Emily and Mike through a telescope. Matt will enter after a moment, and you can choose whether to let him look through the telescope or not. Let him, and he'll see Emily flirting.

Snowball Fight

This isn't part of the Butterfly Effect menu, but it's important nonetheless. During Mike and Jessica's snowball fight, a bird will land on nearby table. Do not pelt him; let the timer run down instead.

Until Dawn Chapter 2

The Soul of Discretion, Part 2

When Mike and Matt run into each other in the lodge, you'll have a choice to confront him about what you saw him doing with Emily. Don't get too aggressive.

Whose Side Are You On

Shortly after, an argument will break out between Emily and Jessica. Side with your girlfriend Emily, of course.

Be Her Hero, Part 1

On the way to the guest cabin, Jessica will fall into a mine. Hop down to give her a hand - it's just decent of you.

Something for Later, Part 1

When Sam and Josh go into the basement to start the boiler, you can find a baseball bat near the boiler itself. Make sure you examine this before giving Josh a hand.

Until Dawn Chapter 3

Be Her Hero, Part 2

There are several chances to flirt with Jessica along the path, so take the opportunity to do so. Eventually, you'll come across a dying deer. Comfort it, and be chased back to the cabin. When Jessica trips on the porch, be sure to help her up. 'Prove your manliness' enough, and you'll get a little action once you've lit a fire inside. Yeah, it's corny.

Until Dawn Chapter 4

To the Rescue

In order to save Jessica, you'll need to guide Mike along all the risky paths and be pretty accurate with the quick time events. Choose to Risk Shortcut, Jump Down, Jump, then Risk Slide Down to complete this section as fast as possible, and as long as you weren't too slack with the button matching then you should reach Jessica before it's too late.

…And Which One Will Die, Part 1

When you have to make a choice with the spinning saw, make sure you save Ashley by moving the lever towards Josh.

Until Dawn Chapter 5

At What Price

In the sanatorium morgue, you'll spot this strange contraption. If you interact with it, Mike will get his hand caught in the bear trap hidden inside. Just ignore it and continue on, fingers and machete intact.

Man's Best Friend, Part 1

As soon as Mike enters the sanatorium chapel, a wolf will bark at him. Kick him to defend yourself. Don't let a bit of animal cruelty get to you - in the same room is a large chest containing bones. Pick one up and give it to the wolf to make amends.

On the Same Page

When Matt and Emily check out the cable car station, they'll learn of a nearby fire tower that could be of help. When Emily suggests this, you can agree with her or suggest going back to the lodge. Say yes to her plan.

Something for Later, Part 2

When Sam finds herself in the cinema room, the psycho will attack. Chuck a vase, then leap over the bed to keep running. When you reach the basement, choose to hide. Stay put until the psycho grabs you - yes, grabs you. When he does, you'll be able to grab the baseball bat from earlier, slug him, and escape. Force your way through the final door to make it out alive.

Run or Hide

So you escaped from the psycho for now, great. Whatever you do, do not backtrack and try the door you just came through: you'll be immediately caught. Instead, head down the hallway and hide when given the chance. Stay hidden, and you'll make it out alive... again.

Until Dawn Chapter 6

In Self Defense

At the chapter start, Matt and Emily will be backed against a cliff by a herd of elk. Keep her calm and inch forward. You may get a chance to swing your axe into some of the more riled up animals, but not do this - let the moment pass. You'll be able to calmly wade your way through the herd to safety.

Who Gets the Gun

When you reach the fire tower, head outside to find a flare gun in a case on the opposite side of the top floor. You can them choose to keep the gun with Emily or give it to Matt. Let Matt have it, and he'll fire it off.

Save Yourself, Part 1

One of the game's craziest moments involves your lovely fire tower sliding down a hill into the mines. When it does, Matt will have the option to try to save Emily or jump to safety. It may seem selfish, but you'll have to jump if you want to keep both characters alive.

Forewarned is Forearmed, Part 1

After examining the doll house and entering a new part of the basement, check the workbench immediately beyond the door. After reading the catalogue there, you'll spot a pair of scissors - take them.

Stick Together

Deep in the old hotel, Chris will open a heavy door for the two of you, but another figure appears back in the workshop. You can either stay with Chris or go after that other person. Do the smart thing and stick together.

Forewarned is Forearmed, Part 2

Shortly after, the psycho will attack the two of you. Give him a nice stab wound with those scissors you grabbed earlier.

Point Blank, Part 1

This is a tough one. In the depths of the old hotel, Chris and Ashley will find themselves strapped to chairs, with saws above their heads and a gun on the table. You'll have a choice of who to shoot. However, you can also wait out the clock and not shoot anybody at all - do that instead.

Until Dawn Chapter 7

Flamethrower Man

While Emily runs from this guy, you'll have a chance to light a can of spilled oil ablaze. Don't do it; just let the timer run down, and move on.

…And Which One Will Die, Part 2

When Chris and Mike drag Josh out to the shed, they'll both be brandishing weapons. Take the high road and disarm Mike.

Until Dawn Chapter 8

Once Bitten, Part 1

During her escape from the mines, Emily may end up being bitten by the Wendigo. However, this isn't as serious as you might think. You'll learn more shortly.

Point Blank, Part 2

Chris will have to fight his way back to the cabin after the Wendigo kills the Flamethrower Man. Shoot the thing at every chance you get, and when you get back to the house, Ashley will be there to open the door for you.

Once Bitten, Part 2

If Emily got bitten by the Wendigo, then at some point in the safe room everyone will find out and Mike will point a gun at her - make sure you don't pull the trigger, so you spare her life and the truth about her bite can be discovered.

Until Dawn Chapter 9

Man's Best Friend, Part 2

When you return to the sanatorium, the now-friendly wolf will guide you through the psych ward. This will make your trip a lot easier in general. If you get overwhelmed by a Wendigo, he'll come to your rescue - but only once. Better to make sure you complete the quick time events.

Explosive Barrel

When you reach the gated bridge, be sure to roll the oil drum over and kick it forward. When the pair of Wendigo attack, blast the barrel to kill them both.

Man's Best Friend, Part 3

In the final moments of the Wendigo chase, you have some split-second decisions to make. If you're looking to get your wolf friend out alive, make sure to barricade the door when you have the chance. Then in the final room, you'll have the option to shoot the remaining Wendigo or blast the explosive barrels all around you. Do not shoot the barrels - you'll die in the explosion.

Left Behind

When you take control of Ashley in the tunnels, you'll immediately have a choice to leave Chris behind. You've stuck together up to this point, so keep it up - don't let him stay back.

Trap Door

Shortly after, you'll have a choice to investigate a voice or stick with the group. You can follow the voice to find a totem, but you'll see a trap door too. Whatever you do, do not open it - Ashley will be instantly killed by a Wendigo on the other side.

Until Dawn Chapter 10

Important Discovery

When you reach the water with Sam and Mike, hop in and follow the left wall to find another ledge you can climb onto. This is actually where you'll find the final Twins clue, the Scrawled Journal. Read it to learn the true identity of the Wendigo - it's imperative that Josh learns this.

Save Yourself, Part 2

When Matt finds Jessica in the mines, you'll be pursued by yet another Wendigo. Hide when you have the option, then continue forward. You'll then have a choice to hide together or abandon her. Stick together, and you'll both survive the encounter. Matt and Jessica are now safe for the last leg of the game.

The Result of Chaos

This is it, the final hurdle in getting everyone else through this insanity alive. A pack of Wendigo will invade the lodge with Sam, Mike, Chris, Ashley, and Emily stuck inside. Don't bother to lock the door on the beasts - run with the others to the living room. These final moments are key. The Hannah Wendigo will actually kill off a few of the other monsters, but you need to stay completely still when the game calls for it.

When asked to save Mike or run, save Mike; when asked to run or hide, hide. This will let your friends slip out the door. You'll then have one last choice to run or hide - hide. In between all these choices, you'll need to stay still (during the game's most intense moments, I might add). And Josh? You'll see a credits stinger revealing him to be alive and well. Well, he's become a Wendigo, but at least he 'survived.'

At this point you should unlock the Four Daughters Of Darkness, The Quicker Man, and They All Live trophies - congratulations!

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