Unreal Tournament 2007: All About Vehicles (Part 1)

Axon Goliath
"Something we noticed in games that have multiple teams of vehicles is that the vehicles are often all the same. So, you'll have three teams, let's say, and they all have a tank, but the tank is really just the same. Maybe one is a little faster, or does a little more damage, or has a little more armor, but effectively they're all the same and we really wanted to address that.

"The best example is the Goliath, which is the Axon tank. It looks like a tank, it's got a turret that turns slow, its weapon has a slow rate of fire, but - incredibly damaging - it's on treads, so it can turn on a dime - it's got all those elements that make it a tank."

Necris Nemesis
"The Nemesis has got cool, snake-like treads and its main goal is to be like a light tank. It's good at hold tactics where you only have a very limited amount of your tank visible to the enemy, so it can crouch up to people - like a lot of Necris vehicles can. Then it can extend to attack and then crouch back down when the incoming fire comes in. So it's really just a neat, stealthy kind of vehicle that you can use to sneak up behind people."

Necris Viper
"We're all big Joint Operations fans and it has these kick-ass dirt bikes in them, so we were like 'we need a dirt bike in 2007.' So the Viper is our version of that.It's got this cool sort of hover mode, so it can jump and glide. It also has a kamikaze mode, which lets it take on targets that it normally wouldn't be able to take on with its main gun. If you jump up and bail out of the vehicle it turns into a flaming projectile that will go on and hit things. We're fooling around with the idea of having it semi-steerable at that point so you can guide it into things that maybe you don't hit dead on."

Want more? Check back next week for part two of our interview with Jeff Morris.

Matt Cundy
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