Unknown White Male review

Severe retrograde amnesia, a wiping-out of all you've ever known, should be a complete bitch. Fave band? Erm. Job? Nope. Name? Not a clue. Yet Doug Bruce - a popular, good-looking Brit discovered clueless in New York in 2003 - treats his affliction as an opportunity. Splicing footage from his "I am somebody!" name signing to the eventual realisation that, having lost everything, he's not too bothered about getting his old friends back, Rupert Murray's film is a unique, beautiful and optimistic work. Bruce is able to discover the world as a child and becomes the envy of his stuck-in-their-thirties mates. Murmurs about the story's veracity are irrelevant. Whether a mock or a documentary, there's real resonance when Bruce sees the ocean for the first time (again?). "I was so overwhelmed, I could hardly breathe," he says. What would you give for that opportunity?

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