Umbrella Chronicles co-op confirmed

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, the lightgun-style spin-off headed for Wii, will allow two players to splatter zombie face in co-op mode.

The news brings with it one delightful thought: dual wielding. With a Remote in each hand, you'll feel like the daddy.

Confirmation on co-op has come via a preview in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, which includes screenshots containing two crosshairs on the same screen.

Our only curiosity with this is the issue of the free-look camera. As previously reported, one of the most unique aspects of RE:UC is that it allows players to swivel the direction in which the player looks with the Nunchuk analog stick as they're lead down the pre-set path.

If you have two players shooting on the same screen we presume only one of them will have control over the camera, unless that feature is disabled during two player games.

July 5, 2007