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Your games need you!

Want to see your favourite games get the recognition they deserve? We reckon you do, and there%26rsquo;s no better way to show your support than by voting for them in the world%26rsquo;s biggest gaming awards, the Golden Joysticks.

Some 270,000 votes were cast across the 16 categories during the longlist stage. Now things have gotten serious (well, semi-serious. It%26rsquo;s not the Nobel Prize) with the opening of the shortlist at

You can find the full list of games that made the shortlist on the site and there are, as far as we can tell, games from every platform represented in one category or another.

There are plenty of battles brewing, such as Battlefield taking on Call Of Duty in Shooter Of The Year and Mass Effect 2 having a grapple with FFXIII for the RPG crown.

One slight surprise (though perhaps not to its fans) is Popcap%26rsquo;s Plants vs Zombies elbowing its way into no less than four categories, including somewhat improbably, Ultimate Game Of The Year. Still, what the public wants, the public gets. They%26rsquo;re your awards after all.

You%26rsquo;ve got until October to vote, and you can vote in as many or as few categories as you like, but why hang around? We%26rsquo;ve cast our votes already. Go Uncharted 2 for Action and Ultimate Game Of The Year! Now we%26rsquo;ll sit back and wait for a big fat cheque from Naughty Dog.

June 14, 2010