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Tweets Of The Week

Whilst us civilians have a wait a little longer to experience the 3D delights of James Cameron's "Dances With Smurfs" epic, Avatar, some of the Twitterati have been lucky enough to have an early peek. "Avatar ........................ tweetless. Just tweetless in the best possible way," Tweeted Simon Pegg, before deciding it wasn't Tweetless after all. "Just left the party," he teased us. "The movie is a game changer. Still buzzing. Tweet over." Was that all? No. The next morning produced, "Avatar is an extraordinary piece of cinema. Breathtaking in 2 dimensions, let alone 3. Congrats and respect to all involved." We're blue with envy, Simon.

On the other side of the pond, Brent Spiner revealed that the Next Generation crew are still hanging out, and Twittered what we presume is a joke. "Had lunch with Gates McFadden today. Strange. She's changed her name to "Borsht" McFadden. Can't beet it. Kind of suits her actually."

His Next Gen co-star Wil Wheaton, who must surely be in line for his own parking space in the Twitterphere, was readying himself for the festive season. "My favorite thing about decorating for Christmas is getting out and loving every holiday-related thing my kids made during elementary school." Aw, Wesley Crusher's all growed up now!

The festive cheer doesn't seem to have penetrated Warren Ellis's world. "If there's one thing I hate, it's people," he wrote, before adding, "'Comics will break your heart.' - Jack Kirby. 'Comics will annoy the living shit out of you.' - Me." Hey, turn that frown upside down, Mr E!

Heroes' Greg (best friend of JJ) Grunberg suddenly released the danger of irony on the Twittersphere when he wrote: "big Casting News: Sadly, in the film version of #Heroes, Matt Parkman will be played by... Chaz Bono!! YOWZA!!" which caused such misplaced excitement he was forced to Twitter, "That tweet about a Heroes Film was a joke guys. Come on!"

Finally, Damon Lindelof Twittered about the Tiger Woods story, after the golfer's wife allegedly came at him with a golf club after catching him cheating: "Query. If I was dumb enough to cheat, what ironic thing would my wife chase after my car with? Eko's stick? Faraday's Journal? A Phaser?"