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This Last of Us 2 Yarn Ellie doll was made by the lead designer herself, and she left instructions

"Cute" would not be a word I'd use to describe Ellie as we see her in The Last of Us 2's teaser trailer, but it would be for this crocheted doll inspired by the scene. Best of all? This fine piece of amigurumi (that's a Japanese word referring to the art of crocheting adorable dolls) was created by Emilia Schatz, lead designer on The Last of Us Part 2 and Uncharted 4.

Given Yarn Ellie's creator, you could say she's the official crocheted doll of the video game. But this one isn't for sale. Schatz posted the complete instructions on Naughty Dog's naughty blog if you're feeling crafty, wherein she describes the project as "moderate-to-advanced" in difficulty. It couldn't be harder than playing The Last of Us on "Grounded," right?

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Images by Iki Ikram

Connor Sheridan
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