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There's a cool Death Stranding Easter egg in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn and Death Stranding share more than just an engine. While Aloy explores her post-post-apocalyptic world she can discover an amulet that bears an uncanny resemblance to the new Kojima Productions logo. The artifact, discovered by Italian site Game Legends (Horizon hasn't come out for the general public yet), is clearly a silhouette of official KojiPro mascot Ludens and its description directly references the first trailer for Death Stranding.

Here's good ol' Google Translate with a rough interpretation of the text:

Abandoned Amulet (Very Rare)
This object is valid only for the curious merchants. Six blocks of metal oxidized twisted from one cable.

Sources: Special

Useful for: Exchanges with merchants

Six blocks of oxidized metal, all twisted from one cable eh? Looks like Aloy found Norman Reedus' necklace. Odd that he'd part with it, considering it was the only thing he was wearing...

This isn't the kind of Easter egg that teases much new information, but it is cool to see Guerrilla Games paying tribute to their friends and co-conspirators in Japan. Hopefully there are a few more Death Stranding references in Horizon: Zero Dawn left to spot - and Death Stranding returns the favor, whenever it actually comes out.

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