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Tarsem Singh interested in Snow White

Snow White

Snow White is suddenly a very popular lady, what with three films about the super-pale songstress all marching to the big screen.

But the one that we’re really interested in is The Brothers Grimm: Snow White , which we reported earlier was being set up with Jean-Pierre Jeunet attached to direct, and Natalie Portman possibly taking on the titular role.

Things have moved on a bit since then. Jeunet now appears to be out of the picture, and director Tarsem Singh is now being offered the chair by production company Relativity.

Singh’s obviously been singled out thanks to his dark and dreamy The Cell all those years ago, with this new Snow White pitched as a pitch black re-telling of the classic tale with all the juicy bits (excised from Disney’s famous 1927 version) put back in. Oh, and in 3D, natch.

Singh will have competition on his hands if he signs on, though – Disney have their own, more family-oriented, weirdly-titled Snow White And The Seven in the works, while Universal have Snow White And The Huntsman looking for a cast.