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Tarsem Singh discusses his version of Snow White

snow white

Immortals director Tarsem Singh has spoken about his approach to bringing fairytale Snow White to the big screen.

The filmmaker has been trying to get a version of Snow White into cinemas for a while now, and only this weekend found his leading lady in Lily Collins ( The Blind Side ).

With Armie Hammer also attached as the Prince, and Julia Roberts the evil Queen, it’s certainly shaping up to be an interesting project. Right down to the costumes, apparently.

“The stuff that I make people wear can not look ridiculous,” Singh says of the film’s wardrobe. “It looks ridiculous. I end up pushing it so much...

“It's amazing to get [ Roberts '] trust. She just said, ‘No, I want to make a movie with you and in your style.’ So, for me, we threw everything out there and we'll just see how much is palatable.”

The visionary director went on to talk about the kind of look he’s going for with the rest of the movie, revealing that despite the amount of snow involved, it’ll be very colourful.

“If you look at Gaudi's architecture,” he says, “based in England, done like a turn-of-the-century Russian film and done by an Indian guy.

“It's kind of very monochromatic. Everything is in snow, but the costumes are very colourful, and so it's like, no colour and a lot of colour.”

Immortals opens 11 November.