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Remembering Corey Haim (terribly)

Looking over what you guys are saying on Twitter, a significant portion of our young readers don%26rsquo;t know who Corey Haim is%26hellip; or was. Sadly, we lost the least obnoxious half of what came to be known as %26ldquo;The Coreys%26rdquo; yesterday, so we wanted to provide a little game context to those who never endured glorious 1980%26rsquo;s cinematic schlock like The Lost Boys, License to Drive, Dream a Little Dream, and Lucas.

Above: Haim was featured right on the box of Double Switch in some cases

Immediately following Haim%26rsquo;s Hollywood irrelevance, but just before succumbing to alcohol induced bloating, The House of Sonic extended a career olive branch known as Double Switch. Before reality television, the Sega CD and its stable of horrendous playable Youtube videos, were the exclusive platform offering for washed up 80%26rsquo;s child stars a momentary stay of relevance, just between rehab and suicide.

Above: FMV of the Dead

Double Switch may%26rsquo;ve been terrible, even by current FMV standards, but today it becomes legendary as the only game ever to preserve the magic of Corey Ian Haim! Sir Corey starred as Eddie, a trickster innkeeper who helps the player set off traps and catch burglars in a mysterious mansion. Eventually, Eddie%26rsquo;s revealed to be insane, but with all the campy crap in the meantime, Double Switch will forever live on as one of Haim%26rsquo;s finest half hours.

The game also features Blondie%26rsquo;s Debbie Harry, but it%26rsquo;s not like anybody%26rsquo;s gonna give a shit today. If you can think of a better way to celebrate the legacy of this platinum-haired thespian than watching him get his ass kicked by the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket in the video below, by all means offer your condolences in the comments.

RIP Corey Haim- 1971-2010