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PS4 Sharefactory update means you can export hour-long videos and a lot more

The Sharefactory app for PS4 was updated to version 1.08 today, bringing with it a host of new features. There're a few tweaks that everyone should be able to enjoy, from casual players just wanting to show off on Facebook and Twitter to pro gamers looking to make it big on YouTube.

One of the biggest changes is the ability to export videos up to an hour long, a significant upgrade from the previous 15-minute limit. Note that recording a clip still caps at 15 minutes, but by combining clips and other video tracks, you can export it all as a single, 60-minute file.

Other major improvements include picture-in-picture and chroma-key support. Or, in less jargon-y terms, you can now add a second track of video to play alongside your primary video, and if you're really talented, you can insert greenscreen effects.

There are several other updates listed over on the PlayStation Blog: text layers can now rotate, there are 2 new music tracks and 15 new filter effects, Video Commentary clips are now saved to the Capture Gallery for easier access and reuse, and a Trim Lock feature makes it easier to trim clips while not altering the overall length of your project.

Now get out there and give that Share button a press.

Sam Prell
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