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PC Gamer Digital Episode 3 is live

PC Gamer has released its third digital episode into the gaming wilds. Now available worldwide for half price on Steam, the latest edition of the interactive application tackles a Tolkien-esque Left 4 Dead map, target practice in Arma 2, a PC gaming retro tour, and a three-way World of Warcraft flag run.

Specifically, this week's features include a clickable 360-GameView guide for a Lord of the Rings inspired survival map for Left 4 Dead 2 called Helm's Deep Reborn. It also includes a how-to guide for shooting down helicopters in Bohemia Interactive Studio's Arma 2, and an opportunity to watch PC Gamer staffers Josh, Chris and Tyler play a round of capture-the-flag in WoW's Warsong Gultch. Further content includes a 'Then vs. Now' PC gaming comparison slideshow, and a look at Gaslamp Games' Dungeons of Dredmor. Check it out here.

PC Gamer Digital launched this September on Steam. It is a weekly virtual round up of PC gaming news, guides, reviews and general tomfoolery. If this is your first episode, you'll need to start by downloading the free base application.

Oct 12, 2012