Next Gen laughs at top 10 lists

Every game site, magazine, blog, andTV showin the universe does some sort of end-of-year wrap-up. It's a chance tolook back and remember the triumphs, and sometimes tragedies, of the last twelve months, tie it all up with a neat, little bow, and give it one more little smooch before shoving it under the bed and screaming for something new, which you can then say isn't nearly as good as the old, classic stuff.

Anyhow, these lists are typically top tens, maybe twenties. But our companion siteNext Genwent big - real big - and knocked together a list of the top 50 games of last year. It's a kick.Check it out.

Above: Want to knowNext Generation's number one game of 2006, but you don't have time for the suspense of wading through 49 other entries? This screenshot offers a subtle clue.