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New Flash Gordon Movie Will Be Like A Superhero Origin Story

Director Breck ( The Crazies ) Eisner talks about his version of the intergalactic hero

“I was originally involved with Battlestar Galactica and broke the initial script with Ron Moore,” says Eisner. “He did a great job executing and bringing it up for modern era. He made it edgy and it goes to show that if you have the right DNA in a project, then you can do something amazing. Technology does now what comic books used to do. What was done with pen and ink is now done with actors and we turn comic book adventures into a real experience. Avatar proved that.”

He goes on to add, “Our version goes back to strips from ’30s and we will update those and shoot the movie as if the strips were drawn today. It will be an action and adventure sci-fi. It will be a standalone story, it definitely won’t be left open for more, but the ultimate goal is to turn it into a franchise. It will be an origins story for Flash. He’s going to Mongo, he’s gonna save the planet and it will have a superhero buy in and will be unique. It is very much a superhero origins story.”