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Molyneux's Godus gets gameplay demo, features mass drowning

So Godus, Peter Molyneux's current project which marks a return to his god-game roots, has spawned a new developer diary video from within the offices of studio 22Cans. It's a fun and informal roam around the office, taking in impromptu slices of life from a bunch of people working on the game. But most importantly it also features a snatch of gameplay.

Admittedly said clip comes from a very early prototype and could most charitably be described as 'brief'. And it's recorded off the screen of a developer's computer to boot. But a look at the game it is nonetheless.

And while it's not much in isolation, when considered alongside the other design elements shown and explained, particularly Molyneux's wish for terrain customisation on an intricate micro-level, it seems Godus is starting to shape up quite nicely.Whether it continues to will of course depend of the success of the project's currently on-going Kickstarter fund (opens in new tab), which currently totals just under half of its £450, 000 goal with 15 days left to go.

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