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Mass Effect 3: Female Shepard leads a small army of new trailers to your eyes

February is exploding with releases (just look at this release calendar), but you need to remember to clear your gaming schedule by the first week of March if you plan on playing Mass Effect 3. BioWare’s finale to the trilogy comes to the US March 6 (UK March 9), and in preparation for that EA has released one final, huge wave of videos for the title. Chief among them is a fancy new trailer showing how the single player might look (and sound) for the many fans who know their Shepard as the toughest woman in the galaxy.

She isn’t taking crap from anyone, least of all Keith David! Additionally, BioWare posted five more videos detailing the many new aspects of the sequel, including multiplayer and the reworked gunplay. Hopefully these will prep you for the game when it hits retail in less than four weeks on 360, PS3 and PC.

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