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L.A. Noire five-star walkthrough and newspaper guide

Arson Case 2: A Walk in Elysian Fields

Investigation: Morelli House FireNewspaper 10Interrogation: Dudley FormanInvestigation: Rancho EscondidoInterrogation:Leland MonroeInvestigation: Elysian FleidsInvestigation: Chapman's Apartment

Investigation: Morelli House Fire

Start out by examining what may be the most gruesome tableau L.A Noire has offered up to this point: the charred bodies of the Morelli family.

Next, look opposite them for a photo of what they looked like when they were alive.

After the cutscene, wander outside and look near the hole that's been blasted in the side of the house. You'll find another InstaHeat water heater.

Check it, and you'll see that our friend Varley was the last to service it. But he's still in jail. HMMMM.

Newspaper 10

Before leaving the Morellilot to continue poking around in the neighbor's yard to the north, head over to the spot shown below for the next newspaper:

OK,now go poke around in the neighbor's yard to the north. Specifically around the shade of this tree.

Here, you'll find some suspicious boot prints...

... as well as some discarded cigarette butts.

Interrogation: Dudley Forman

Ask Forman about the Morelli fire witness report, and he'll pretend he didn't see anything. Doubt his statement. This will open up the topics Planned demolitions and Promotional travel contest.

Next, ask him about Suspicious activity (available only if you looked at the clues under his tree). Again, Doubt what he has to say.

Ask about Planned demolitions, and once again, he'll give you reason to Doubt.

Finally, ask about the Promotional travel contest. This time, he'll actually tell the Truth.

After he leaves, Biggs will walk up and show you a paper crane he found. Examine it closely, then unravel it to reveal a flyer.

Forman will give you a near-identical flyer he received, this time with a coupon and a phone number.

Before leaving, be sure to use the nearby gamewell.

Investigation: Rancho Escondido

After the fight, check along the wall of the burned house that the arrow's pointing to:

Pull out a brick and examine it closely.

When you replace it, the shoddy foundation wall comes crashing down. Time to pay Elysian Fields a visit.

Interrogation: Leland Monroe

After getting past Monroe's secretaries and taking in the splendor ofthe development models in his office, ask him about Elysian linked to arsons and you'll find that his squinty eyes and granddad demeanor make him incredibly hard to read. Nevertheless, your response should be Doubt.

Next, ask about the Promotional travel contest. This time, he'll Lie.

Show him the Elysian Fields flyers to pierce his pretend ignorance.

Next, ask about his Local land acquisitions. Your response this time should be Doubt.

Finally, ask him about the Rancho Escondido fire, and he'll Lie.

Bust out the Poor cement quality and see what he has to say for himself.

Investigation: Elysian Fields

As you leave Monroe's office, his secretary will have a list of contractors waiting for you on her desk.

Read it and tap on the name Herbert Chapman to add it to evidence.

Before you leave, head through the double doors on the ground floor, where there's a telephone you can use.

Investigation: Chapman's Apartment

Finally, head over to see Chapman. He's not there, so check his van instead.

Inside, you'll find Moz-Kill coils, which, again, you should open up and have a look at.

Chapman also has some .45 ammo, a clear sign you should be on your guard...

... as well as some Elysian Fields vacation-contest flyers.

Once you're done searching, it's time for another chase. This time, you'll have to stop a trolley, which requires a bit of ramming and a lot of letting Biggs shoot out the wheels. When it finally stops, get ready fora quickgunfight, and the case will be finished.

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