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Inception viral hits web

So, before you get your hopes up, we’re still as baffled by what to expect from Inception as ever.

However, some new viral material has cropped up online, hinting at the gist of Chris Nolan’s upcoming head-scratcher.

The video supposedly shows Nolan conducting some research on sleep patterns and dream states, although some of the “experts” he talks to appear more legit than others.

Call us cynical, but one of these three sounds distinctly actorly. See if you can spot which one is the ringer...

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Yeah, we’re not buying the third one either, although we like what she’s hinting at about entering other people’s dreams. Will Leo Dicaprio be exploring his own head, or somebody else’s? And what’s all this about the military?

Good to see that Nolan is using the same teasing tactics that got us all worked up over The Dark Knight , even if we’re still relatively in the dark.

One final thing. Is it just us, or does anyone else find the above video distinctly creepy? The blips and cuts are pretty unsettling, as is that bald chap at the beginning. We’ve a suspicion that we might be sleeping with the lights on after this one…

What do you make of the “research footage”? Any the wiser?

George is GR's resident movie news person, based out of London. He understands that all men must die, but he'd rather not think about it.