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Grab Link’s sword for $10 while you can and show Ganondorf what you’re made of

Stop whatever you’re doing and forget about that whole adulting thing: you can now get Link’s sword for $10 with the 50% off code DOTCOM from ThinkGeek and whack imaginary bokoblins to your heart’s content. Sure, there are loads of other Cyber Monday game deals to choose from, but why bother with them when you can wield the same sword that Link used to take on Ganondorf in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? WHY!?


Classic Legend of Zelda sword for $4.94 from ThinkGeek
Go retro with this stabby implement!

No matter whether you’re a veteran fan of the pointy-eared adventurer or have just played Breath of the Wild and become enamoured by its open-world magnificence, there’s a sword here for you. I never thought I’d type those words, but there we go. Aside from hanging one of these stunning swords on your wall, with Christmas coming up alarmingly fast on the horizon you could also nab one of these not-so-deadly weapons for a relative or friend and have mock duels together in the wilderness. Or real duels. Although I really wouldn’t recommend trying to impale someone with a foam sword. Just a warning. 

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