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Give VR a chance; it may be the only revolution in gaming you’ll see in the near future

When it comes to VR, we tend to ask the wrong question. It’s not a matter of ‘Will VR take off?’ but ‘What will it be when it finally does?’ VR in general, and PS VR in particular, is at the start of a ten-year curve. Developers are finding their feet and discovering the rules of this new tech. We’re in uncharted waters, and that should be cherished.

It’s easy to want to race to the finish line and demand that killer app, the Grand Theft Auto of VR that will instantly unlock the potential of virtual worlds. Instead we should embrace the long game and enjoy the ride. We’re at a unique moment in history when something truly different is on the horizon. Think back – we’ve not seen something this game-changing since the leap from 2D to 3D, from SNES to PlayStation. So let it brew a little longer.

So what could PS VR evolve into? Well, I’d cast an envious eye over at Oculus Rift and the recently released Touch controllers. What if PS VR had controllers of that calibre? Controllers so sensitive even a raised thumb is acknowledged in the virtual world, instantly connecting you with a brave new polygonal paradise.

Now imagine such controllers on your feet, and a smaller headset that can mix VR and AR seamlessly. This could be the future of VR and PS VR, full-body controllers with a level of touch and fidelity that will not only place us in a virtual space, but also enable us to interact on a level where worlds merge; where our senses and idea of what is tactile are fully tested. To do this in PS VR would be a boon for the technology.

In fact, just as Sony pioneered the DVD and Blu-ray formats, could it do the same for VR? Could PS VR become the new standard? Possibly, but we need to give it time to evolve. True VR will be more than games, more than experiences, more than movies, animation, and music – it’ll be all this combined.

A totally new entertainment format, and maybe it’ll be down to Sony’s next PlayStation to deliver on the promise. For now, I’m just happy to be on the ground floor of the Next Big Thing with a ticket to ride.

This article originally appeared in Official PlayStation Magazine. For more great PlayStation coverage, you can subscribe here.

Ian Dean

Imagine FX and Creative Bloq editor Ian Dean is an expert on all things digital arts. Formerly the editor of Official PlayStation Magazine, PLAY Magazine, 3D World, XMB, X360, and PlayStation World, he’s no stranger to gaming, either. He’ll happily debate you for hours over the virtues of Days Gone, then settle the argument on the pitch over a game of PES (pausing frequently while he cooks a roast dinner in the background). Just don’t call it eFootball, or it might bring tears to his eyes for the ISS glory days on PS1.