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GhostWire: Tokyo - Everything we know so far about Tango Gameworks latest project

Credit: Tango Gameworks

During the Bethesda E3 2019 showcase, the executive producer of Tango Gameworks, Shinji Mikami, unveiled GhostWire: Tokyo - a new action adventure game from the studio behind the survival horror, The Evil Within. Everyone immediately fell in love with creative director Ikumi Nakamura, who then took to the stage with boundless enthusiasm and sincerity to tell us more about Tango’s new game. 

Nakamura definitely won the Bethesda show by getting us just as excited as she is about GhostWire, which, as you might have guessed takes place in the city of Tokyo. People are vanishing, and you have to find out why. Filled with paranormal entities, supernatural events, conspiracies, and the occult, it already sounds very interesting. Since GhostWire: Tokyo has only just been announced with the reveal of a cinematic trailer, we’re a little light on details about the game, but we’ve gathered together everything we know so far. Read on below to find out more.  

GhostWire: Tokyo's trailer shows people vanishing in the city  

In GhostWire: Tokyo, people are vanishing into thin air and it’s going to be up to you to find out why. Mikami said: “you will fight paranormal enemies and rid the city of a supernatural evil.” Part way through the trailer, we can see people in a shopping centre disappear, leaving only their clothes behind. We also see strange, creepy figures with umbrellas, and for a split second, one of them is able to make someone on the ground vanish. How mysterious. Nakamura explained that “you have to explore the world and face challenges to uncover the truth and save humanity.” Sounds like quite a tall order, doesn’t it? It looks as though we'll be playing  the masked figure with a bow on their back who has supernatural abilities, like the one that lets them send out some kind of force field around the city. It’s not absolutely clear just who this figure we’ll be playing is just yet, but you are said to be armed with your own mysterious abilities that no doubt help you avoid getting caught up in the vanishing act. 

GhostWire: Tokyo features paranormal enemies, conspiracies, and the occult  

Credit: Tango Gameworks

Credit: Tango Gameworks

Since the city has been hit by a strange new evil, lots of paranormal, supernatural figures are lurking the streets. Nakamura explained that you’ll encounter different kinds of spirits, and some will be dangerous, while others are peaceful. You’ll also meet survivors who “each have their own stories to tell.” It sounds as if you’ll be a supernatural investigator of sorts, and you have to wonder if and how the peaceful spirits might help you as you work to uncover the truth. Unraveling conspiracy theories and facing down the occult will also come into play, with plenty of unusual goings on to pick apart. It’s definitely very intriguing, and it looks set to offer no shortage of challenges in the face of trying to uncover just what has happened in Tokyo.  

GhostWire: Tokyo release date hasn’t been revealed yet 

Credit: Tango Gameworks

Credit: Tango Gameworks

The cinematic trailer certainly set the tone and feel of the game, but it didn’t give us a release date. As with any new unveiling where no gameplay is shown, it usually indicates we’re in for quite a wait. We don’t know whether this could be landing on next-gen consoles like the PS5 or Xbox Project Scarlet, but it could be a possibility. At this stage, we’ll just have to wait and see.  

GhostWire: Tokyo is being made by the studio behind The Evil Within  

The team behind this new paranormal adventure brought us The Evil Within 2 and the previous game. Both Shinji Mikami and Ikumi Nakurma both have a long history within the industry. Mikami, who's the executive producer and founder of Tango Gameworks, was one of the original creators of Capcom's Resident Evil series, which is why The Evil Within has a similar feel to it. Often referred to as the "father of survival horror", it’s interesting to see that this new IP is set to depart away from the survival horror genre to bring us something a bit different. Creative director Ikumi Nakamura was an artist on Okami and Bayonetta, as well as The Evil Within. It's definitely a strong team, and we're excited to see just how it shapes up. 

GhostWire: Tokyo is a “new kind of action-adventure game”  

Credit: Tango Gameworks

Credit: Tango Gameworks

As Nakamura said, GhostWire: Tokyo is a new kind of action-adventure game: “It’s spooky, but not the survival horror we are known for.” The Evil Within is a linear survival horror that plays out in third-person. Even if GhostWire is departing away from the horror genre to deliver a different kind of spooky, it could still very well be in third-person. The fact that we’ll have to “explore the world” might also suggest it’s more open in comparison. Whether it’s an out and out open-world remains to be seen, but it’s certainly possible.  

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