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Get 12 months of PS Now for just £35 by simply starting an Amazon Prime free trial today

Get 12 months of PS Now for just £35 by simply starting an Amazon Prime free trial today
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Do you own a PS4 or will you be getting a PS5 (if you were lucky enough to get a PS5 pre-order)? If the answer's yes to either or both, you're going to want to at least consider this deal on a year of PlayStation Now for just £35. This is one of the top Prime Day deals for today and what's even better about this deal is that you don't need to be an existing Amazon Prime customer to take advantage of it.

You can begin your free 30-day Amazon Prime trial right now and use the £15 discount instantly. Compared to paying for PS Now monthly (£9/month), this 12-month purchase saves you over £70 in the long run. The thing is, PS Now goes under the radar for a lot of players, so let us explain exactly why this deal is worth it.

PS Now is essentially an enormous catalogue of games you can access without owning the games yourself. You can either stream or download hundreds of titles — including PS2 and PS3 games — from absolute classics like Bioshock and Fallout: New Vegas to more recent PS4 hits such as Days Gone and Bloodborne, you'll never run out of games to play. More titles are added every single month too, so the list is always growing. Plus, you can also access PS Now on PC! Game Pass who?

12 months of PlayStation Now | £35 at Amazon UK
All Prime customers — including those just signing up for the free trial — can access this exclusive PS Now discount, netting you a year of the service for just £35. Download or stream over 700 games through the service, from critically renowned favourites to PS2 and PS3 classics. You can carry your subscription over to PS5 too; bargain!View Deal

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