Flipping the bird

In what must be some sort of speed record, March Of The Penguins has already been targeted for a spoof. Farce Of The Penguins is the brain sprog of US comedian Bob Saget, who you might remember telling one of the filthiest versions of the joke in The Aristocrats. Having seen Penguins at a friend’s house, Saget caught a serious case of Animal Magic syndrome and decided that he’s going to write, direct and narrate a comedy version of the Penguins doc.

It’s not known what footage he’s intending to use, although it will be a mix of authentic and faked recordings. We’re also told to expect raunchy comedy – Saget’s recruiting some of his Aristocrats’ cronies for voiceover cameos – and wildlife behaviour to give the RSPCA sleepless nights.

We’ll be happy just as long as the Wayans brothers have nothing to do with the film…