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Doctor Who: Ask Arthur!

SFX will interviewing Arthur Darvill, Doctor Who ’s Rory, and we want you to suggest the questions

Ah, Rory Williams, a man who must hold some kind of record for “non-comic-book character who’s died the most”. The boy who waited, Rory rapidly went from Amy’s irritating fiancé in “The Eleventh Hour” to one of the most-loved male companions on Doctor Who ever. It’s amazing what being in a bizarre love triangle and kicking the bucket regularly can do for your popularity.

SFX will be interviewing the actor behind Rory, Arthur Darvill, next week, and this one will be part of our Fannish Inquisition series, where you get to pose the questions. And collectively you invariably do a better than we do. Hey, we might even ask what his favourite cheese is, if you want to know.

To submit a question either:

• Post it in the comments section below
Twitter it to us using the hashtag #SFXArthurD
• Email it to
• Leave a message over at our Facebook page