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Disintegration revealed in EDGE: How the creator of Master Chief is redefining the sci-fi shooter

(Image credit: V1 Interactive / EDGE Magazine)

Earlier this year, Marcus Lehto began teasing his return to a genre that he once helped shape. Now, in issue 336 of EDGE Magazine, you can get an exclusive first look at Disintegration – the game that is threatening to send the sci-fi shooter in a thrilling new direction. 

This first-person shooter is coming out of V1 Interactive, a brand new studio staffed by ex-Bungie and Zipper Interactive staffers, not to mention a rush of new blood that is eager to pump some new life into the FPS. As EDGE Editor Nathan Brown details in this exhaustive 16-page world exclusive – packed with new information, first screenshots and concept art, and developer quotes –  "Disintegration is shot through with Bungie DNA: not just in its visuals, which you’d expect from the artist behind the original Master Chief, but in how it plays and feels."

You'll have to pick up the issue, which is on sale in print and on digital storefronts right now, to get the full scoop, but for now you'll have to take our word for it when we tell you that Disintegration has both the look and feel of a Bungie game – perhaps that should come as no surprise, given that Lehto worked on every Halo title from 2001's Halo: Combat Evolved to 2010's Halo: Reach. 

(Image credit: V1 Interactive / EDGE Magazine)
EDGE 336

(Image credit: Future)

Edge Magazine has the world exclusive reveal on Disintegration. To read the first gameplay impressions and to get the first details on the upcoming sci-fi shooter, pick up a copy of EDGE 336 from MyFavouriteMagazines

Here's a small excerpt from the EDGE feature, following Nathan's visit to the studio and interview with Lehto: 

It is not a criticism to say Disintegration both looks and feels like a Bungie game. The old '30 seconds of fun' adage runs deep; combat is both fast-paced and tactical; and the need to push forward to heal and reduce cooldowns is built on the same idea of overcommitment as reward that made us fall in love with Destiny. "It’s inescapable for me," Lehto says. "It's in my DNA: that art style, the kind of action that is particularly interesting to me and I think would be interesting to others as well. When we were first pitching the game around, it was both an attractor and a detractor. When I pitched it to Microsoft, they were like, ‘It looks a little like Halo’. I said, ‘What do you expect? I was the guy who made Halo’."

For more information, to read the full interview, and for the first Disintegration gameplay impressions, you should look for EDGE Magazine 336, on-sale today

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