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Destiny update 2.0.2 is live and Crucible Legendary drops are (relatively) plentiful

The next time you log into Destiny, the world will have subtly shifted under your Guardian's feet. Or the parts that govern Legendary drop rates in the Crucible will have shifted, anyway. Bungie rolled out Destiny Update 2.0.2 earlier today, setting in motion the second big set of tweaks to the online shooter since The Taken King arrived in September.

Standard Crucible matches should be much more lucrative, just in time to totally disregard them in favor of the new Clash-ified Iron Banner. But the most thrilling change for hardcore players may be the latest addition to Banshee-44's shelves. Buying all the Weapon Parts you need direct from your favorite socially awkward android means no more searching for rifles to scrap while your Glimmer sits capped out and useless. Let the Legendary-infusing, perk-unlocking love-in begin.

The Crucible Forged questline has also been revised to be faster and more forgiving, letting you progress through several modes at once. Finishing Crucible Forged is still the only way to unlock Weekly Crucible Bounties for all the characters on your account, and said bounties are a pretty decent way to get gear with a Light level above 300 if you're not into raiding.

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Connor Sheridan
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