Cursed review

Two ways of looking at this. One, as the latest ironic horror from Scream team Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson. As such, it sucks. Two, as the ravaged remains of the most beastly shoot in recent history. As such, it suffices. Just.

Starting with an efficiently staged werewolf attack on Mulholland Drive, Cursed follows Christina Ricci's timid PR bod and her geeky young bro (Rodger Dodger's Jesse Eisenberg) as they sprout hairs in unexpected places. Think Teen Wolf with less snap, cackle and shock.

Neither smart nor scary, Cursed buries the odd glimmer of wit - the LA nightlights forming the mark of the beast (a pentagon) - and the odd killer line - "There's no such thing as safe sex with a werewolf" - beneath an avalanche of shoddy CGI, anaemic stalk'n'slash and droopy-eyed winks. Lon Chaney will be growling in his grave.

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