Chris Taylor details "non-genre-specific" console game

In a recent chat, RTS legend Chris Taylor has revealed details on his next top secret console title.

"We're very excited about the titles we're working on because one of them in particular is not a specific genre," he says. "My inspiration came from watching my boys play. There was a real inspiration there and I'm really, really excited to put them down in front of the game when it's far enough along to see what they do."

He continues: "It's exciting because it's taken me many years and it's a long time to get to the point where I make something that different and non-genre specific, because in our industry it's hard to sell a concept that's outside an established genre."

Taylor says he wants to tap a new audience with his next project, such as older gamers and that all-important girl gamer audience. "I really want to see how broadly we can take the concept by applying the theory that games should just be fun and they shouldn't exhaust you, tap you out until you go to bed and the images of the game are still in your head," he says.

You can read the full interview with the Gas Powered Games manhere, and look out for an announcement on his new project "sometime in the summer."

April 30, 2007