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50 iPhone games you need to play

Is there anything better than a bag of popcorn, a cushy sofa on which to recline and an iPhone or iPod Touch loaded with games? Well yeah, there is, especially considering what popcorn fingers can do to a touchscreen. But when you’re on a bus on your way to work, being able to punch up a bloody gorefest like Alive 4-ever or kick it through the uprights in a football sim does help while away the commute time. With hundreds of games to choose from, though, it can be tough to find the ones that are worth your time, to say nothing of your money. With that in mind, what follows are some of the best we’ve found.

In putting this list together, we focused on the games that really take advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities – not only the touch controls and the tilt or shake features, but also its somewhat limited capacity for graphics. We also favored original games over those ported over from other handhelds, as well as games that offer some long-term value instead of just an initial “wow” factor. We thought about price, too, and heck – let’s just get to the games.

Note: All prices are current as of this writing, but will likely fluctuate over time.