UFC Undisputed 2010 review

A much improved scrapper, but at a cost

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The new story mode now features interaction with the fans and sponsors – so thanking them will mean you either a) gain more popularity or b) more credibility for your man. You can also make or break friendships with rival fighters along the way by saying positive or negative things about them. And brilliantly, you can now train in a variety of disciplines and learn unique moves like Matt Hughes’ front kick.

Above: Ground game feels quicker but still not as smooth as we'd like it

For casual fans, or even those of us who love watching blokes get knocked out, there’s a selection of videos, which you can earn by taking part in classic matches. Repeat the result in this scenario based mode, and you’ll unlock the full fight that plays in HD. It may not seem like much but it’s a great incentive to learn more about the sport’s history.

Undisputed 2010 certainly caters to beat ‘em-up fans. Even though the frequency of flash KOs has been toned down – a move, which we feel marginalises the fans who didn’t want to learn the intricacies of arms bars and the like – Yukes have added flash submissions, so now it’s possible to bounce into a rear naked chokehold within seconds and end the fight. It’s a classy way to finish an opponent, make no mistake. But the stand-up game of big kicks and even bigger punches means that there’s something for everyone. MMA fans will be pleased to know they can wrap a fighter against the cage to counter submissions and ground manoeuvres.

Above: All the fighters, like GSP,have their individual traits and weaknesses

It’s a huge step up in weight from UFC Undisputed 2009. It’s quicker, harder-hitting and comes with far more depth than the original. It even manages to put Fight Night Round 4 on its back in terms of satisfying knockouts and killer presentation. We just hope that Yukes don’t rest on their laurels in the same way they occasionally do with Smackdown. But with EA’s MMA set for release later in 2010, we’re sure there’ll be fresh ideas when Undisputed next steps into the octagon.

Above: New fighter, Clay Guida delivers a punishing kick to the ribs. Ouch

May 25, 2010

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DescriptionUFC is now officially an annual series, and this upcoming sequel will hopefully only improve upon the very well realized recreation of MMA the first game had.
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