Ubersoldier review

The dying gasp of the WWII FPS?

GamesRadar+ Verdict


  • +

    Mostly nice graphics

  • +

    Decent physics engine

  • +

    Interesting "time shield" gimmick.


  • -

    Uninspired levels

  • -

    More than one bad design decision

  • -

    Awful voice acting and dialog

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It’s tempting to rely on a cliché here - “you get what you pay for” - but considering that this World War II-based first-person shooter only sells for about ten bucks less than the norm, you’re actually paying too much.

Treading much the same ground as the near-classic shooter Return to Castle Wolfenstein (except it isn’t nearly as good), Ubersoldier begins with the death of the player character, a German officer in WWII. However, you are quickly resurrected as a supersoldier through Nazi science and, in a hoary plot twist too outlandish to believe, programmed to obey the first person to give you an order. And that just happens to be the conspicuously shapely Maria Schneider, a leader of the German resistance who has broken into the hospital – and your room – at that exact moment. Thus, she tells you to go forth and kill Nazis instead of the rest of the world and you do, thereby turning the Nazis' unholy experimentation back upon them. Riiight.