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Neil Gaiman has finished his Doctor Who script; Misha Collins and some knickers; Shatner shows family loyalty by bigging up V ; everyone loves Iron Man 2

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Supernatural fans who have been pining for the two-week Twitter absence of Misha Collins breathed a huge collective sigh of relief when one of the Twittersphere’s best and funniest Tweeters returned to the fold: “My lengthy withdrawal from twitter cursed me with tremors and night terrors and hallucinations. I couldn’t take anymore. This feels so good." Phew. He also posted the rather worrying image above, but we'll leave you to click through to his Twitter feed (opens in new tab) to discover what it’s all about…

Our American cousins all seemed to have been at the Iron Man 2 premiere last week: "My Iron Man 2 premiere memory," Twittered comic legend Brian Bendis, "my daughter was in the same room with ron jeremy and mickey rourke? wtf??!!" Nathan Fillion was also there and sent a Twitter message to a strangely Twitter-silent Jon Favreau: "Thanks for Iron Man 2 premiere. Movie was 20% fun, 40% awesome, and 60% wicked awesome!” All that time giving voice to Whedon scripts has clearly rubbed off on the guy.

So, what else is everyone up to? Simon Pegg's been watching Lost (“Evangeline Lily has the prettiest nose in all of Hollywoodland. #fact"); The Shat's been talking up the new V ("My beloved son-in-law, Joel Gretsch, is a regular on V. Do yourself a favor and watch it tonight!"); Neil Gaiman’s finished his latest job ("Doctor Who episode next season draft done and in!"); Paul Cornell’s been enjoying Stargate Universe ("Still loving Stargate Universe. They don't just avoid the reset button, they don't even know where it is. Real SF too."); Toby Hadoke is still annoyed about last week's Doctor Who /Graham Norton debacle (“Got a round of applause last night for ranting re: ident-splurge & shrunk credits. It’s not just geeks like me, normal people hate them too”); and Jeremy Dyson has pointed us towards something that every party will soon need (“Nothing like a bit of Ewok karaoke to get you ready for the weekend. (opens in new tab) ”)

And that's all, folks!

Dave Golder
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