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Twitter reacts to The Dark Knight Rises prologue, Star Trek band names, a Firefly Christmas quiz and further farewells to Chuck in this week’s Tweets

According to a recent survey , despite the fact it’s not actually out till next year, the second most talked about film on Twitter (after Thor ) was Christopher Nolan’s eagerly anticipated Bat-threequel The Dark Knight Rises . Seems the internet (including us) couldn’t be more excited.

Not to doubt the collected enthusiasm of the interwebs, but it’s interesting to consider how much of that excitement is spontaneous chatter, and how much of it is down to Warner’s clearly very savvy marketing machine. The Nolan Batman movies have had two of the most interesting viral campaigns in recent memory (particularly The Dark Knight ), and if the recent “leaked” memos are anything to go by it looks like they’ll be drawing from the same well for the threequel. There’s a Twitter account, @thefirerises , which hasn’t done much as yet. Instead the focus on Twitter seems to be inviting anyone with any clout on Twitter to screening of the prologue to spread the word:

@ edgarwright Am I allowed to say I saw 6 minutes of 'Dark Knight Rises' on IMAX?

Worth noting. The most anticpated film of 2012 is shot on celluloid. So when it says 'A Film By Christopher Nolan', it really is film.

@ eliroth I just saw the most incredible # DarkNightRises footage in IMAX. Mind blown.


@ ManMadeMoon Not sure if Im allowed to say what I saw tonight... suffice it to say, it was considerably epic. You will be pleased.

Edgar already spilled the beans, so I guess it IS ok.. or at least I can blame him. Saw a nice little chunk of The Dark Knight Rises

@ geoffjohns @wbpictures Bane is AWESOME.



The SFX Twitter Stream

@ DamonLindelof Every line of Trek script I write is another inspiration for a band name. Full Impulse. Evasive Maneuvers. Dammit Man. The Illogicals.

"Maybe Bane could have a CGI parrot on his shoulder that translates for him!" -- Studio Exec Solving Problem That Doesn't Need Solving

@ wossy The great. Jerry Robinson has passed. He created The Joker and was a tireless campaigner for artists' freedom and rights. A truly great man.

@ ZacharyLevi Suiting up for the last time. # nerdherdforlife

@ Y_Strahovski And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a series wrap. Viva la Chuck


@ JoshuaEGomez Going in for the last scene. That's it. No jokes. No funny pictures. Just Love. Thank you. I hope you know how much you've all meant.

@ MarkChrLawrence That's a wrap!

@ JoshSchwartz76 Fedak's wet dream:


@ jwrinzler Saw first reels of ROJ fine cut, including early animatics of Luke-lightsaber scene. Also got in advance copy of Book of Sith--incredible.

@ mishacollins It's true. I'm going to be back on the reality show about the two brothers who drive around testing out seedy motels. Any questions?

@ JamesGunn In life, like in Skyrim, I sometimes feel like I spend too much time on side missions and not enough on the main story.

@ feliciaday UG ok so I forgot the Imperials tried to murder me in the opening cut scene. Think I'll just go Dark Brotherhood and be an assassin. # skyrim

@ smhelloladies Seems I won Best Nervy English Robot Voice at VGAs for Portal 2. Thanks if you voted. I tried hard to do a good job so really appreciate it

@ Paul_Dini Happy Joker won best character, even though the first thing he did was trash the script. He's like that.

@ terryandrob The Long Earth is finished. Well, we've just reached the end of Part One.


@ ianmckellen118 Today is tenth anniversary of the premiere of "The Fellowship of the Ring" (in London December 10, 2001). Time flies!

@ TheRealNimoy Nichelle Nichols auditioned for Spock ? I think I was third in line. Martin Landau turned it down. LLAP

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