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Skyrim fever, a Star Trek cake fit for a member of the Voyager and Simon Pegg unloads on the state of Star Wars (again) in this week’s tweets

Sometimes working with a group of like-minded colleagues, or hanging out with a group of friends who share similar tastes in all things sci-fi, can give a misleading impression of just how popular a film, TV show, computer game etc actually is. After all, if everyone around you is talking about it, then everyone in the world must be. Maths says so.

Maths isn’t always right though (especially when we’re the ones number-crunching). But when it comes to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , we’re willing to give it the benefit of the doubt as it seemed the whole world was dragon slaying along with us this weekend, including a significant number of sci-fi celebs. It's a geeky time for human history.

@ terryandrob Sorry Vilja; put your feet up for a while, # Skyrim lands tomorrow @elderscrolls - we might be quite some time...

@ charltonbrooker Is he telling the truth? If so, Skyrim sounds good RT @NathanRB_61 : I threw a bear over a castle today in Skyrim. Shit was preposterous.

I now urgently need to know whether you genuinely can throw a bear over a castle in Skyrim. If you can, I'm going to get it.

@ feliciaday Skyrim = Goodbye world for a while.

Ok restarting my Skyrim character because I'm not into being an archer, and wood elves are made for that stuff. Gonna prolly do Breton.

Guys, I just had a realization. I think it's because my character isn't a redhead. IS THAT CRAZY VAIN AND WEIRD?! # rerolling

@ radiomaru Remind me to do "fanart" of Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyim's progression of ugly weird poorly lit monster people


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ M_E_Winstead Attack the Block on bluray! Plus the bts. I love those kids so much.


@ HamillHimself I sang the classic Platters tune, Only You for Arkham (a cappella) as a possible Easter Egg, not knowing if they'd use it or not # insidescoop

Joker manages to make the gorgeous Only You ultra-creepy, but the big question is: Who is he singing it to? HA!! I'll never tell! # insidescoop

@ TroyLonergan @kaybi @Molly23 @wilw The original pic isn't loading for me now, so I borrow kaybi's and....

@ RobbieMcDunc My cake at the # chuck office. # startrek .


@ simonpegg The PC World Star Wars ads are like watching the man that murdered a close relative, relieve himself on the grave of said murdered relative.

@ DamonLindelof "I tried to get Chris Tucker in X3 as an original mutant named 'RastaBlasta,' but Fox wasnt'ready for that shit." # DidRatnerSayIt

@ Jon_Favreau Thank you all for the # elf twitter love!


@ pattonoswalt Just been told there's a RATATOUILLE reference in tonight's Simpsons. # nice


@ JaneEspenson The next episode of Once airs in two weeks and it's MINE! I hope you like it! Hot cricket action! And in the meantime...

@ rcjohnso Die 3D die.

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