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Tweets Of The Week

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright give their final word on Spaced, John Hurt trends and Damon Lindelof mourns three years since the end of Lost in the latest Tweets Of The Week

@DamonLindelof Best. Vine. EVER.

They say it takes half the duration of the entire relationship to get over someone. Three years ago, LOST ended. I still miss her.

It’s not strictly SFX territory, but we would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t bring to your attention yesterday’s Spaced exchange between Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, primarily so no-one will ever have to ask them again if they’re going to make a third series (they’re not. Probably. Unless someone else does it). Curiously, several tweets humorously blaming the channel four voice over guy seem to have been deleted (or we can't find them, either equally likely), but we wouldn’t read too much into that (cue rampant internet speculation) because those that do remain are pretty definitive:

@simonpegg There will never, ever, EVER be another series of Spaced, unless it is written and produced by humans other than Jess, Edgar, Nira and I.

@simonpegg Anyway, what I'm saying is, there will never be a Spaced movie either. Hey, have you seen this?

@edgarwright 'The Young Ones' did it right. Twelve episodes. Fiery bus crash. Out.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@mrdrewpearce So my rags-to-riches origin story is getting somewhat exaggerated in the town I grew up in: (pic thanks to @GarrieTS )

@rianjohnson Douglas Adams would have owned twitter.

@simonpegg @simonpegg : "Revenge is a dish best served cold." This man has plans for me. #neutroncream

@AnnaKendrick47 No Game of Thrones this week. So, I'm just gonna go back to sleep for another 7 days. #ValarMorghulis

@ManMadeMoon However you feel about the new Star Trek movies, we need a new ST tv series... on cable!

I want cable Trek tv with swearing and nudity... And Peter Dinklage as captain.

@WithJohnHurt Thank you for making me trend. I don't think I've 'trended' since the seventies. -John

@BryanSinger Reviewing tomorrow's work on the flight back to Montreal with #PeterDinklage #XMen #daysoffuturepast

First look: #JenniferLawrence as a vengeful #Mystique . #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast

@radiomaru :}}}}}}}}} I accidentally became obsessed with game of thrones at a time when I desperately need to be obsessed with my own book %26 finish it

@mishacollins The Birmingham, UK convention was nice, but i wish the attendees had shown a little enthusiasm.

@MichaelTrucco Me and the Admiral, the incredible @edwardjolmos #BSG #Galacticon3

@JewelStaite I love me some otters RT: @GarrettRWang : @JewelStaite at #phoenixcomicon

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@MarcW Day 77. Never go full hobo. Writer Alex Kurtzman, Rocky and me making use of an Oscorp crater fire.

Wil Wheaton

@wilw in which John Barrowman sweeps Wil Wheaton off his feet

@simonpegg What was the Doctor's name in the end? My money was on Hooty.

@jumblejim Me and Shatner getting gas. I'm the up-close stalkery one.

@Paul_Dini The Star Wars/Muppets Sith Lord set. Yes, it's finally come to this.

@ZacharyLevi Matt Smith doesn't haven't a twitter account, but he wanted to say hi anyway. #tardistaxi

@charltonbrooker Nintendo: turn your fortunes around by creating a smartphone with a proper D-Pad and buttons and an endless streaming version of Mario Land.

@radiomaru I bet Sulu in the role of acting captain of the enterprise is the closest we'll ever get to an Asian president

@josswhedon Although after all this time I think "They Might Be Giants" should probably call themselves "Nope, Sorry: Windmills".

@warrenellis @josswhedon It's like you said to yourself, "You know, my friends don't worry about my sanity enough. I'll join Twitter."

@josswhedon @warrenellis it was more like "Saturn is taunting my lung-spiders, I'd better join twitter" #sanity

@TheRealNimoy At the premiere. LLAP

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