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Neil Gaiman on the Doctor Who Christmas special, Gandalf meets Lego Gandalf and #ArtHouseStarTrek, all in the latest Tweets of the Week .

@IanMcKellen Gandalf meets Lego Gandalf

It will never be the deciding factor, but Twitter can be a huge help in the continued survival of sci-fi shows. Something like Chuck , for example, managed five years on the air because of a fervent fan community focused around social networks, such as forums, Facebook and Twitter.

One recent show to embrace Twitter more than any other before it is Haven . Now, we’ve got a lot of time for Haven at SFX , because of the hugely charismatic central trio but it’s ever-so-slightly above average ratings are understandable given how hokey it can be at times. It’s admirable then that the makers and marketing folk are dreaming up more imaginative ways to stimulate their fan community – primarily through Twitter.

Last season two characters on the show, journos Vince and Dave Teagues started Tweeting as @VinceHaven and @DaveHaven , while a third, unseen, character @ColdInHaven later became part of a season two episode. The newspapermen have been Tweeting again this season, but as fiction-breaking promotional bots to push the #escapetohaven. This hashtag has also been hidden in every episode this season, scrawled on dumpsters and cell walls. If you missed any be sure to check out Dave Golder’s in-depth reviews.

Haven even managed to trend in America last Friday as @emilyroseLA and guest star/ Uncharted co-star @nolan_north live-tweeted the episode. Ultimately, its’ all advertising, but it’s more engaging than weekly 30-second snippets online, and if it keeps Haven on the air a little while longer, we’re all for it.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@neilhimself About to watch the Doctor Who Xmas special. Just bumped into two nice people...

I saw Doctor Who Xmas episode. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll move somewhere warm where it never snows & you'll hide under the bed there.

@terryandrob Patrick Moore has died peacefully at his home in Selsey. Sir, you'll be sadly missed #skyatnight

@radiomaru British houses are so cute I want to go in them and be Harry Potter

@BryanSinger Reviewing concepts with my Production Designer John Mayhre. #XMen

@SamuelLJackson I'm Fo sho upping' my Gaming game! Those shits looked Amazing!

@ManMadeMoon Huge bit bloaty conrats to all at @telltalegames So happy for you lot! (...still think the VGA ceremony is bloody weird though)

@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN Met with J. J. Abrams.

@nolan_north Shooting this ep of #Haven was one of my favorite on camera experiences! Love me some @EmilyroseLA #escapetohaven

@danharmon My FOX writing is further delayed by a YouTube binge of Community clips. I am living on page 70 of a rom com about one narcissist.

@WilliamShatner Before I forget; on 12/6/1979 Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released. Happy Anniversary!

@TheRealNimoy Wish I could make a Star Trek movie about destruction of elephants.They're being killed for their ivory tusks. LLAP

@BryanFuller I can't decide if I'm more excited for the movie or the action figure.

@rcjohnso Just got a very kind gift from my @GameOfThrones friends. The storyboards are gorgeous, I love this show.

@DamonLindelof La Dolce Vulcan #ArtHouseStarTrek

@simonpegg @DamonLindelof My Own Private Iowa #ArtHouseStarTrek

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