Tony Scott revving up a Don Aronow biopic

He’s tackled kidnapping and time travel recently, so what is Tony Scott doing to wind down? Directing a biopic about the man who invented the cigarette boat, of course!

Yeah, we’re not sure either, but Don Aronow’s story is certainly interesting one. He was a self-made millionaire and the world powerboat-racing champion for 10 years in a row. His invention, however, had a darker connection, as it became the preferred mode of transport for drug smugglers moving their product into Miami in the ‘80s. In another twist, he won a $20 million contract to build more of the boats for US customs agents trying to run down the smugglers. And then he was slain in a mob-style hit in Miami.

Michael AM Lerner has written the script after optioning Aronow’s life rights, while Fox 2000 will stump up the cash to get it made.

Before he can get his sea legs, though, Scott will be busy directing Denzel Washington in The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three.