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Timeless hate speech with the Westboro Baptist Church

The BBC might’ve called Shirley Phelps-Roper and Co. “The Most Hated Family in America” but she’s the closest thing GamesRadar has to a spiritual advisor! Here’s the vitriolic vixen in action:

Above: Mass Effect, Bioshock?! We ask the tough questions Sean Hannity didn't!

A while back, this lovely woman took a break from obnoxiously protesting gay rights, Lady Gaga, and the funerals of American soldiers totalk to GR about games... No, seriously! Here’s an excerpt:

SPR: Yeah, that’ll happen. The people that are running Rock Band will be interested in hearing “God Hates the World” or all those [anti-] military songs if you go to our site you can hear those.

GR: We’ll try and provide a link to those. [Ed. Note: We failed.] What are the choice cuts for Rock Band?

SPR: Of course “God Hates the World” is an excellent video. The there’s also “There Are No Heroes.” They’re parodies. “God Hates the World” is to “We Are the World.”

GR: Ah.

SPR: “There Are No Heroes” is a parody of the songs that are on the Shrek thing. Some are just the audio. They’re really cute little videos. Our latest sign movie that you will really, really love is “F** Soldier in Hell.”

GR: …

Click hereto see one of the most humorously irresponsible things we’ve ever done. If you’d like to hear more from this charming homophobic, we played snippets fromthe actual interview onTalkRadar 68. God have mercy on our sense of humor.

Mar 24, 2010