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Thrillville review

Ride coasters, play games, run the park, and chat up the babes... just don't expect the next Disneyland

Many of the elements of the game are tried and true, such as an easy-to-understand rollercoaster design screen and the management tasks like hiring workers and setting the price of concessions. But there are few new twists to the genre as well.

For example, training your workers is done via minigames. Want your performers to be more entertaining? Then, jump into a rhythm-action game in which they practice dancing. Mechanics play a sort of puzzle game drawing lines between parts on a circuit board, and cleaning up the park is an arcade-y action game (albeit it one with sloppy controls). You run around the park, vacuum up litter, and mop up vomit (by blasting it with a cleaning ray, oddly enough). The better you do, the more skilled your worker becomes.

Most attractions you set up can also be experienced as minigames, from the mini-golf course to the trampoline to the hovercar race tracks. There are loads of them to play, ranging from really fun, to decent, to boring, and many have some rough edges (usually clunky controls).

More Info

DescriptionThere's a vast amount of things you can do in this vast theme-park simulation. But it lacks the polish and attention to detail that would make it a virtual Disneyland.
PlatformPS2, PSP, Xbox
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
UK censor rating3+
Release date14 November 2006 (US), 24 November 2006 (UK)