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The 10 Worst SF & Fantasy Shows Of The Decade 6

12 episodes • 2006 • Spike TV

There was one big problem with Blade. Blade. And the writers seemed to know it too. If Blade hadn’t been in Blade there's the chance it could have been a half-decent series. Unfortunately the show was doomed from the start by casting Sticky Fingaz. Let‘s be honest, Blade is hardly a part that requires much in the way of acting chops (Wesley Snipes played him the big screen, say no more) and yet Fingaz managed to make scowling and grunting look more difficult than quantum mechanics. He was a huge black hole at the heart of the show, sucking the life out of it. The writers appeared to agree, and soon Blade was appearing in episodes less and less, a guest star in his own show. But it was too late for cancellation to be avoided.

The nadir: Every time Sticky Fingaz spoke. Or walked. Or had to do a fight scene. Though the vampire granny in one episode was pretty dire too.

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