The world of Fable 2

Tuesday 15 August 2006
Fable 2, the sequel to the 2004 Xbox action RPG, will set be set in a much bigger and more detailed world than the original game, and will allow gamers to explore more and even jump off cliffs!

A new game engine means that the world of Albion - the setting of both the original game and the sequel - is "much bigger and it also feels better," according to developer Lionhead's level designer Charlton Edwards.

"Fable 2 retains the Fable 1 organic, intimate feel, while giving players tons to explore and discover. We are really trying to pack the world with exploration, interaction and secrets," Edwards commented in Lionhead's latest development report.

The new game world will be significantly bigger, too, as just one wood in Fable 2 is the equivalent to all the Greatwood regions from the original game put together. And it has to be big as Lionhead will be allowing players to jump off cliffs! Presumably to land on something soft.

Above: The concept drawing of a wood is all Lionhead is releasing of Fable 2, for now