The Survivalists will test your ability to survive in a world alive with dangers, secrets, and surprises

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If you've got a hankerin' for a survivorin' then The Survivalists is the game for you. An adventure-filled survival sandbox game set in the universe of The Escapists, this will test your skills of cooperation - with island inhabitants and other players alike - your foraging and collecting abilities, as well as your resource management as you bid to survive on your newly-found island home. Brought to us by Team17, you can pre-order it now: 

On the Island, there are plenty of survival-based activities and challenges that await your attention - and you'll have a multitude of ways to approach them, and your island life more generally. What's more, the procedurally generated Island will throw everything at you in your own unique game, meaning your experience will be totally original.

Exploring the Island will reveal secrets and native and mythical enemies, but there are basic survival aspects that need to be mastered too! You'll need to hunt for food while avoiding becoming the prey yourself, build your own settlements from the ground up with the resources you can muster and harvest, and engage with the native monkeys to make your camp become a functioning settlement. These friendly relatives of ours can turn their hand at multiple trades, becoming your go-to builders, lumberjacks, or even soldiers should you need their support. A built-in 'Mimic System' means the monkeys can learn from your actions, quickly mastering them to offer you a workforce.

Beyond your own settlement, you need to harvest those valuable resources and be clever about the way you do it. You'll need to chop enough wood for your buildings, but collect enough food to stave off hunger, while discovering unique recipes and crafting options from across the island. You can also go on quests from island strangers or find them washed up on the shore - message in a bottle, anyone? - or explore the many temples that house special loot. But be careful - you'll need to put your resource and skill management to the test to complete your treasure hunting travails.

However, what really makes The Survivalists an enjoyable experience is the ability to play it with friends. Three other players can join you in exploring islands, and this also allows you to go on quests as a group, exchange resources, and learn to survive as a team - not just as a lone inhabitant living with the monkeys.

For fans of Stardew Valley, Don't Starve and of the hunter-gatherer concept of our ancestors, then The Survivalists will be right up your street. Remember, you can pre-order it right now ahead of the planned Q4 2020 release date:

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