The Super Nintendo World website seems to feature a fan-made Mario render

(Image credit: Nintendo)

It seems there's an impostor Mario on an official Nintendo website.

If you head to the Japanese website for Super Nintendo World, the real-life Mushroom Kingdom theme park opening in Osaka on February 4, you'll be greeted by good ol' Mario, accompanied by the hashtag #WeAreMario.

Problem is, that's not actually Mario at all. At least, it's not an official, Nintendo-animated Mario. This Mario was apparently drawn-up by an artist known as uJidow on Twitter and, presumably by mistake, added to the official Super Nintendo World website.

It's unclear if Nintendo intends to replace the fan-made render with an official one, but uJidow's work is still live on the website at the time of writing. Honestly though, there's no way anyone would've noticed if the artist hadn't flagged it. It's an incredibly accurate depiction of the modern Mario design, despite it being one of the artist's older renders. Plus, uJidow doesn't seem to mind much. And what a compliment it is to uJidow that the Mario makers themselves mistook the fan-made render for the real thing.

Speaking of talent, it's very much worth checking out the artist's more recent work. One image has the mustachioed plumber front-and-center on the cover of Cyberpunk 2077; another shows Mario posing with Geno from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Then there are just a couple of really high-quality renders worthy of any official Nintendo website.

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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