The Quarry is "lighter" and more "self-referential" than Until Dawn

The Quarry
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Supermassive Games' The Quarry is going to be much "lighter" than Until Dawn. 

According to director Will Byles, speaking to IGN, the game will stick close to more traditional horror tropes that audiences will no doubt recognize. Byles says the adventure doesn't have a "set profile," but there will be a certain expectation fans might have from what it presents.

Notably, The Quarry, despite being Until Dawn's spiritual successor in a way, will chase a different tone altogether. 

"It’s a lot lighter," said Byles. "It’s got a lot of that weird self-referential thing like Scream where we all know the rules, and the rules are 'don’t open the door', or 'when there’s a trap door with a noise behind it, leave it alone'."

Byles' description makes it sound as though the game could take cues from more tongue-in-cheek horror films, such as The Cabin in the Woods or Zombieland, where there are "rules" to follow and established conventions that everyone is aware of. 

In that way, it will be much different from Supermassive Games' previous efforts, the Dark Picttures Anthology. Many of those entries focused on darker, harrowing tales. There's still one left to go for the season, in fact: The Devil in Me. 

The Devil in Me is set to launch later in 2022. There's no concrete release date just yet, and the best Supermassive and 2K can give us is "summer", so might as well kick back with another horror game while waiting it out. 

For now, find out where we ranked Until Dawn on our list of the best horror games ever made or Games like Until Dawn for something on The Quarry's wavelength. 

Brittany Vincent