The Persistence looks a lot like a PSVR Dead Space (where your friends can help or betray you with a companion app)

There's several levels of interesting with new PSVR survival horror game, The Persistance. Firstly, it's procedurally generated. Secondly, it comes with a companion app that lets up to four players help or hinder you as you try to survive. 

The procedurally generated bit is easy enough - every time you die you restart as a new character with a different layout of enemies and loot. You get to keep what you've found at least, so there's hope you'll get a bit further the next time. 

It's the app stuff that sounds really interesting though. Up to four people can join in with a companion app, and use it to control various aspects of the game. Things like opening or closing doors, distracting enemies and disabling traps. The twist is that in some, as yet unspecified circumstances, these players could be rewarded if you die. So, good: that's trust treading a fine line then. 

The story behind all this is that the game takes place on a deep space scientific vessel called The Persistence in 2521. A "horrific incident" occurs turning the crew into the monsters you see above and, well, everyone's having fun. The ship's computer then wakes the remaining crew from cryogenic sleep, one at a time, to fight the creatures and prevent the ship falling into a star. No pressure. 

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