The Last time I Committed Suicide review

Ugly, unexciting, downbeat, dim and often depressing, The Last Time I Committed Suicide is the movie that Keanu Reeves reportedly turned down Speed 2 to `appear' in. The story's based on a letter written by wannabe poet Neal Cassady to literary Beat legend Jack Kerouac, and revolves around Thomas Jane's lead. The beatnik romances the suicidal Joan (Forlani), then throws his relationship away by hanging out in a dingy neighbourhood pool hall with waster Harry (Reeves) and 16-year-old ex-love Cherry Mary (Mol).

This is a half-idea (realised with some edgy camerawork) in which little actually happens; a twisted Romeo&Juliet in which nobody dies. Kay's painfully drawn-out movie hopes that philosophical musings, unfolding to the lilt of a jazzy soundtrack, will be interesting enough to carry it through. They aren't.

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