The Human Target's return kicks off with an accusation and a robbery

The Human Target #7
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Following a five-month hiatus and a mystery-packed one-shot, DC's greatest bodyguard Christopher Chance has returned for the second half of The Human Target limited series.

When Chance's boss, Lex Luthor, is nearly poisoned by an off-world substance, Chance takes the poison himself and then uses his final hours to determine whodunnit. So far, we know the poison used comes from a dimension where only a handful of characters have traveled, most of them from the Justice League International. 

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In the back half of The Human Target limited series, the stakes will only increase as Chance gets closer to his impending death – and the series has already seen the murder of Green Lantern Guy Gardner as Chance pursues romance with Ice, AKA Tora Olafsdottir.

So what's still to come? So far, DC has teased the introduction of Fire, AKA Beatriz da Costa, to The Human Target this fall. And according to writer Tom King, he and artist Greg Smallwood are just getting started.

"If you liked the first half of Human Target, you ain't seen nothing yet," says King. "As we enter the second half of the series and come closer to Chance's death, the stakes get higher, the violence gets bloodier, the twists get bigger, and the comic, impossibly, gets even prettier. You do not want to miss this one."

The Human Target Book Seven features main cover art by Smallwood, as well as variants by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, and Francesco Mattina. Check out the preview and covers below.

DC also revealed covers for issues #8-9 at San Diego Comic-Con, seen below.

The Human Target Book Seven will be available September 27. Fans can also pick up Tales of the Human Target and a hardcover collection of the first six issues of The Human Target, both available now.

Lex Luthor is still the best Superman villain of all time. 

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