The Greatest Powerless Superheroes in HD

Hero: Batman
From: Batman Begins, 2005
Hasn't got a superpower but: He's absurdly rich, and he's got his own cave.

So what can he do?
We all know that Batman's got no power, but his modern nobility does afford him unprecedented access to the gym and advanced military prototypes, like ab-sculpting Kevlar and rocket-powered everything. And with some increased moodiness, as well as a naive sense of entitlement, Christian Bale's Dark Knight is far more menacing and sinister than any caped crusader. He's just as angsty as Peter Parker, but without the salsa dance numbers and crying jags.

Sure, most of our parents were gunned down in front of us, but you don't see us fighting crime over it. Maybe we would, if we could expense a trip to Iceland to find ourselves, then devote a couple years to trading licks with the League of Shadows, a sentinel organization of ninjas committed to cleansing society's palate.

Bruce Wayne wasn't altogether spoon-fed superhero status, but it did kind of fall into his lap. Either way, Batman's always been known more for his swanky gadgetry and surly disposition than mind bullets and catch phrases (barring the atrocity that was Batman and Robin) and we can respect that.

The Disc:

The best looking Batman film out there. Period. All of the features from the standard two-disc edition live and prosper here as part of the "In-Movie Experience," meaning the interviews and featurettes can play picture-in-picture as you watch the film.

This is the first movie to use the DC Comics logo in the opening.