The free Bugsnax DLC serves up a tasty helping that leaves my heart feeling full

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If you've spent time on Snaktooth Island in Bugsnax, then chances are you're already well acquainted with Bunger. The beetle-like, burger-shaped Bugsnak complete with curly fries for legs and horns is a favorite of mine… but right now I'm seeing one that's unlike any I've come across before. This one is absolutely massive. The supersized Bugsnak looks right at me with its large googly eyes and I watch as it waddles around on its giant tater tot legs. I take a moment to appreciate the rest of its design, with a body that's formed of several stacked-up meat patties, slices of cheese, and lettuce that are all wedged between a bun and a wrapper. There's no mistaking it. This is no ordinary Bunger. No, this is a very big Bunger Royale.

This giant, overstuffed Bunger, gives me my first proper taste of the new Isle of Bigsnax update that has recently been added to Young Horses' delicious adventure on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. After Snorpy and Chandlo have moved into Snaxburg and you've completed their side quests, you'll be able to venture to a new biome that features some very large Bugsnax. Along with environmental puzzles to solve and new investigations to complete, I've loved having the chance to take a bite out of some new content. But it's also given me an excuse to spend more time with the ever-endearing Grumpuses, and doing so has served up a fresh reminder of just why it is that I've come to love and appreciate Bugsnax so much.

Hungry for more

One of the great joys of the adventure is encountering new Bugsnaks. Young Horses brings to life bug-like creatures made of different kinds of food in brilliantly creative ways, and it's always a treat to see what designs and names it has come up with. Happily, the update delivers a fresh batch, and thanks to their larger size you can really appreciate the details. The minute you step foot on the new island known as Broken Tooth, you can already see a large snak flying on the horizon. And after witnessing the Bunger Royale in all of its fast-food glory, I could hardly wait to see what else inhabited the biome. There are certainly many additions that put a big smile on my face, from a lobster made out of pasta called Clawbsteroni, to a giant trilobite that looks like a pecan pie aptly named Pielobite. 

With new snaks also comes new challenges, since each one will need to be caught in different ways. With each Bugsnax exhibiting different behaviors, likes, and elemental factors that you have to take into account, I've always greatly enjoyed how Bugsnax encourages experimentation with the tools it provides and there's a sense of satisfaction that I get whenever I work out how to capture one of the tasty critters. Given that the new island is home to very big Bugsnax, there's an additional layer to the process of catching them that shakes things up a bit. You also have to downsize them before using a mystery pot of powder found on Broken Tooth. This volatile substance will explode after a set amount of time, so you have to act fast and pull off all the necessary steps swiftly to successfully secure one of the larger food-filled bugs. 


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"As well as pulling me right back into the wonderfully creative world of Bugsnax - and reminding me of just why it's such a gem - the free update has also given me the chance to spend a bit more time with some characters I really love."

Broken Tooth also hides its fair share of mysteries, along with environmental puzzles that I've enjoyed taking a crack at. As much as I've loved tucking into the challenges of catching new Bugsnax and exploring the island, the best part about the update is the opportunity it presents to get to know some of the Grumpuses. The muppet-like characters of Bugsnax have completely stolen my heart. They're a big part of what makes the adventure so memorable thanks to their distinctive personalities, loveable quirks, and the bonds they have with each other. I also can't overstate the appreciation I have for just how inclusive Bugsnax is, with queer characters and relationships that are accepted as the norm. When I first played the adventure, I couldn't help but wish I had a game like it when I was younger – it's so wonderful and important to see. 

Given my fondness for the characters, I was all too eager to have a reason to spend more time with the Grumpses, so it's been a joy to discover I can do exactly that. Setting sail to a new location with Chandlo, Floofty, Triffany, and Shelda, the update opens up new investigations that see me help out each Grumpus. As I do, I learn just a little more about them and I'm reminded of how much they brighten my day with their goofy charms. From helping Chandlo get life advice about his relationship with Snorpy, to aiding Floofty with their scientific studies, and even somewhat reconciling Floofty and Shelda with one another, I've really relished the time I've had to get to know them better. 

Outside of the new island, the update brings with it the addition of your very own home back in Snaxburg that you can decorate with memorabilia earned from side objectives. It's a welcome feature that makes you feel like you're part of the small community there all the more. The Isle of Bigsnax is a substantial update that has filled my heart with so much joy. As well as pulling me right back into the wonderfully creative world of Bugsnax - and reminding me of just why it's such a gem - the free update has also given me the chance to spend a bit more time with some characters I really love. 

Still trying to catch all the Bugsnax? Here's how to complete the Bugsnax Bugpedia. 

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